Epiphany Pastoral Centre of the Diocese of Salem is one of the premier Pastoral, Communication and Cultural Hubs in Tamilnadu, India. His Excellency Late Msgr. Michael B. Duraisamy comprehended a dream of mounting a centre in Salem for evangelical and cultural undertakings among the Christians and even among the general public at large. And God responded to his prayer and successively his dream was realized in 1984 which was the birthyear of Epiphany Pastoral Centre.
With over two (2) decades of experience as a centre for Evangelization, Social Work, Cultural Training and Promotion of Arts, it has steered so many dealings in Pastoral & Social Communciations with a group of highly skilled professionals who have been committed to continuously redefining its vision so that the centre remains relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the contemporaries.
With an ethos that is characterized by competence, efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of pastoral and communication amenities, overtime the Vision and Mission of the Epiphany,- Seeking God in Serving Humanity- it has been reengineered to providing relevant events paved with pastoral drives and well-run training programs to various groups and entities.
Now, The Centre is carrying out various cultural activities in close cooperation with religious organizations, civic associations and these activities include cultural training, film shows, art & photo exhibitions, musical concerts, dance performances, seminars, discussions, meetings, competitions and many other different programs to impart values of Christ among the partakers.